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Building, installation and construction of a residential or commercial block wall is what we specialize in. We build with different materials such as cinder, wood, steel and natural stone primarily to hold soil behind them. Designing and building a retaining wall in your residential or commercial area can be complex. Retaining walls Denver knows there are a lot of factors to consider like the location and environmental elements. The good news is, we are here for you. We are the top company and most preferred local contractor for all types of retaining wall services. Reach us today and experience what we can offer

Our services cover the entire Denver area, and the rest of its close areas. Our name means reliability and professionalism. We do not just complete our projects for compliance, we also make sure that our customers are satisfied with our works. Read more of what we can offer for you on our Facebook page.

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Retaining Wall Contractors Denver

We cover all retaining wall-related services – from installation to repairs and embankments. When you decide to work with us to design and build your block wall either for commercial or residential use, we promise utmost customer service and satisfaction through our highest quality guarantee. With our thorough experience and being in the business for many years, we take pride in that we are the leading company for all types of retaining wall services in Denver, Colorado.

We give you the best customer experience as soon as you call us now for your free estimates or any inquiry. Our competent and licensed crew are trained to deliver above and beyond what is expected. So, when you need a professional and licensed team for your retaining wall projects, you know who to call. Contact us today to get sound and honest recommendations.

Retaining Walls Denver CO

At Retaining walls Denver it is crucial to set our customer’s mindset that designing and building a retaining wall is crucial to your property and your safety as well. That is why it is essential that we only hire the best team to do the job for you. Our company is the most trusted name in retaining wall services in Denver, CO. And we are not the number 1 company for no reason. We work to beautify your properties without compromising your safety. With services delivered by licensed professionals, we design and build your entryways, patios, driveways, garages, and other parts of your property that require a retaining wall. All our projects are delivered with the highest quality of workmanship.

Retaining Wall Builders Denver

The Highest Standard for Quality

The benefit of relying only on professionals when it comes to wall block works and other related services is getting the highest standard for quality. We promise the finest quality of workmanship that all our customers deserve. We have a pool of talents to give you the best customer experience that is worth your time and money. Our company is always updated with the latest tools and equipment for all types of retaining wall works.

at Its Best

Being in the retaining wall works industry for many years, we have a clear outlook on the ins and outs of the business. We establish our corporate mission using the visions that we have to only give the highest quality of workmanship and the best services you can get in the entire Denver, Colorado area. We work according to the most efficient and most effective standards in retaining wall works. Contact us today to make the first best move.

Proven and Tested in Denver, Colorado

Our reputation as the leading retaining wall works company did not happen overnight. Our professional team has worked for it and is continuously enhancing the quality of services we render overtime. We build our business relationship with a strong foundation of quality using the highest standards in the industry. Many of our new businesses are generated from referrals by our previous clients who have experienced how we work on our retaining wall projects.

The Latest

We continue to update the skills and tools we use in all our retaining wall projects. When you trust your wall block design and construction to us, we make sure the output is worthy of that trust.

Our company is always in the loop for the latest trends and solutions to all retaining wall works and we render all our services with the finest quality.

Types of Retaining Walls We Build

Block Wall Repair in CO

We treat all our retaining wall projects as equally important because we know how crucial these structures are for our customers, their safety, and their properties’. We are known not only for the first-class service we give but also for the transparency we provide when you request project estimates. We assess your needs and we aim to address them within your working budget.

Natural Stone

Stone Block

Concrete Block



Sheet Piling


Retaining walls are crucial to lawn management and maintenance. They generally keep the soil from eroding and serve as strong borders for your land. If you are looking for a highly professional and well-trained contractor in designing and building your retaining wall project, call us today to get a great selection of options available for your needs.

Natural Stone

If you prefer to use natural stones as embankments, this type of material lowers down the hydrostatic pressure caused by the wet soil behind it. That is why it is considered as one of the best materials that are great at managing rain flow as it prevents excessive flooding. Adding to that, natural stones work well in terms of moisture control in normal conditions. They are commonly preferred when you want to add accents to your landscape while imposing a safe wall block to hold your arrangements together.

Stone Block

Stone blocks are commonly used on properties built on hills or sloping areas. Aside from imposing safety on your landscape, this type of material also provides a wide array of design options especially for planter areas and elevated terrains. The reason for the popularity of this material lies in the versatility of stone blocks as they can blend well with any existing layout.


The popularity of walls made from brick materials comes from its being cost-effective, aesthetics, and available in the market. A brick retaining wall perfectly blends well with traditional houses and landscapes. It also embodies a warm and welcoming appeal compared to the other materials.

Concrete Block

Concrete works require appropriate construction processes. Compared to the other types of materials, concrete blocks are most preferred because of their strength and versatility. Concrete-made walls offer a wide variety of creativity in terms of design and styles. That is why concrete walls cost more than other materials. They are priced from $23 per square foot and more depending on the building requirements and materials.


Wood retaining walls exude a rustic appeal to your landscape. They remain the most preferred in the market because wood materials are inexpensive. Wood is also great at blending perfectly with the natural beauty of the environment. However, a wall made from wood is not as durable as the other types of materials. But there are wall designs that combine wood and other materials to help preserve the integrity of the wall.


Cantilever retaining walls are composed mainly of a slender stem and a base slab. Some cantilever walls are pre-fabricated in the factory and others are made on-site. In terms of durability, a cantilever wall consists of a backfilled portion that helps in maintaining the durability of your wall and aiding to resist reversing. If your wall is a cantilever retaining wall, this means easy and low maintenance compared to the other materials.


Tied up into the structure using a cord or strip, secured retaining walls are attached to the structure on its rear. This material is ideal for streamlined and thin-wall construction.

Sheet Piling

If your lawn is space-constrained, a wall made from sheet pilings is your best option. Sheet piling, as a material, directs thin wall surfaces straight into the dust or into an incline. Used typically for soft terrains, wall planes feature narrow raised bands planes that enhance the holding properties of the material.


Gravity walls are mainly designed to use their weight to resist the pressure from the earth. Designing and building a gravity wall requires a more complex method than the other types of materials as these must be built bending to the rear of the land it is meant to hold. They can be constructed from different materials like concrete, stones, and bricks, among others. The shape of these walls is purposely designed to support their stability.

Getting a professional service from the leading retaining wall contractor in Denver is made easy for you!

1. Presentation of Plan

This is where our core values of transparency and honesty come in. The first step includes presenting to our customers the plan that best works for their needs and budget. Our experienced company representatives are trained to thoroughly explain to our clients the essential details of the proposal, ensuring that customers understand the terms, conditions, and scope of work in the plan. We put high regard to helping our customers make informed choices because we understand how crucial retaining walls are for the safety and beauty of their properties and families. Thus, it is necessary that during the presentation of the plan, our customers are knowledgeable enough and able to make a sound option for their retaining wall projects. 

Step 2: The Process of Project Completion

As soon as the customer confirms the proposal, we send a highly qualified team to do the job. Our crew is well-trained and professional in all retaining wall-related services – from installation to repair and embankments. They not only work according to industry guidelines but can also deliver high-quality output with less supervision. However, we deem it ideal if the overall work will be overseen by the customers themselves so they will know and see how their wall blocks are built from scratch to completion.

Step 3: The Value of Workmanship

We define high-quality workmanship as a broad term that defines the brand of our services. As the leading company in retaining wall construction in Denver, we always ensure to finish our projects above and beyond customer expectations. Our company is also trusted in terms of the after-sales services we give to our customers. We treat new and previous customers alike with the utmost service we can provide to address their varying needs, whether it be a new inquiry or after-sales assistance. If you are looking for the best name in Denver retaining wall works, reach us today to get the highest quality service that you deserve. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a retaining wall crucial to my property?

Retaining walls DenverPrimarily serves to protect your landscape from soil erosion, a retaining wall is designed to resist the pressure from the material it is holding back. Wall blocks come in a wide array of materials to choose from – natural stones, bricks, concrete, or wood. Since it protects soil from eroding, it also prevents excessive flooding on your terrain and thereby preventing water pooling in your property.  The open secret to building the highest quality retaining wall involves proper embankment and the type of material fitting to the soil quality of the area. For a layperson, the processes involved in designing and building a strong and durable retaining wall can sound very complex. This is why it is in your best interest to hire the service of professionals when planning to build your retaining wall. Your retaining wall plays an important role in your landscape and to your property especially in terms of lawn management and upkeep.

Is a retaining wall durable enough to last long?

Generally, a properly built retaining wall can last for 50 to 100 years, depending on the upkeep processes that you do to maintain and preserve the integrity of your retaining wall. The soil quality and climate conditions of your location are also important factors to look at when you want your retaining wall to last longer. It is best recommended to assess these factors before choosing the type of material to be used. Our mission is to achieve the highest quality and utmost customer satisfaction in all our projects. Our experience as a leading retaining wall contractor is wide, thorough, and covers a wide variety of materials to choose from. Talking from experience, we always recommend a concrete retaining wall if you want durability, cost-effectiveness, and aesthetics rolled into one.

What are the things to pay attention to when hiring a professional contractor in designing and building a retaining wall?

The important factors to pay attention to when deciding to seek a professional contractor to design and build your retaining wall revolves around the questions on the strength of the foundation, materials that meld perfectly with your existing terrain, and what your wall block is meant for. Say, for example, your concern is regarding the pooling of water during heavy rains. You should consider asking your prospect contractor: Is the retaining wall you are proposing great at rain flow management? Or if you have issues with soil erosion, you may ask: Can this prevent soil from eroding? Questions on the type of materials and budget constraints must also be considered. It is crucial to always choose safety over affordability and it is best to use materials that are cost-effective yet durable for the climate condition and quality of land in your area.

How do we maintain a retaining wall to preserve its integrity?

Like everything else inside your property, a retaining wall requires regular maintenance to last long. A well-maintained wall block can approximately last 50-100 years, except a wall that is made of wood that can only last 3 to 5 years because of its natural composition. However, modern solutions are now available in the market that enhances the durability of wood as a material in building your retaining wall. Although the walls we make will need far less upkeep compared to other wall brands, there are some key factors to keep an eye on. Paying attention to the low spots and areas that have settled is among others. Should this happen, it is best to add enough new fill to restore the drainage to its proper level. Surface treatments should also be implemented regularly. Problems commonly exist on retaining walls that are poorly surface treated. Surface treatment can come in different methods – paving, ground covering, landscape plantings, and covering with sod or pieces of turf, among others. Managing the weed growth is also an effective preventive measure to preserve the integrity of your retaining wall as weed growth is inevitable. These maintenance steps can be complicated without the proper tools. The good news is, we can take the hassles away from you. Let us help you in achieving the lifespan of your retaining wall. We are the trusted company in retaining wall maintenance.

What is the strongest and most durable material for retaining walls?

The different materials have varying needs in terms of location, commissioning, and expertise. There is a wide variety of materials in which your retaining wall can be made – bricks, stones, wood, and concrete, to name a few. A retaining wall that is made of poured concrete is the most durable and strongest option. Aside from exuding sleek modernism, concrete retaining walls can be designed in a great selection of styles. 

How much does a retaining wall cost?

Retaining walls are meant to hold back tons of soil, and its lifespan, regardless of the material used, will depend on factors that cannot be seen by a layman’s eye. That is why it is crucial to consult a professional before planning your retaining wall as there is only little room for error when it comes to safety. The cost of a retaining wall ranges from $3 to $25 per square foot, depending on the type of material used. Wood retaining walls are usually priced as most affordable and concrete retaining walls are the most expensive due to their durability and strength. 

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The highest quality of workmanship is reflected in the great reviews from our locals and the many clients in the nearby areas of Denver. Here’s why they prefer us over other contractors.

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We do not settle for a good job. We always aim for the best. We continuously train our people to enhance their skills so that they can serve our customers with the highest standards for quality. We give high value to customer satisfaction and delight in everything that we do – from customer service to on-site jobs and our after-sales. Only the best for our clients.

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

We make sure that upon project completion, our customers will believe in the brand of our services and will remain loyal to our company. We satisfy our customers, old and new alike, by giving them great customer experience and satisfaction when choosing to work with us. 

The Best Among the Rest

We value great feedback from our customers in Denver and other nearby areas. We are driven to excel in every project that we complete. Market competition is not a new term to us. We know that with the many other retaining wall contractors across Denver, there is competition. Our company delivers services to ensure that we are on top of the game. 

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